Balloon Transport Bag x 1 Piece

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Brand Hi-Float, USA
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Balloon Transport Bag  x 1 Piece

Each Bag is of size  30" X 12" X 66" for transporting balloons. Each bag can hold approximately 15 inflated  11" Latex Balloons

These bags help you  deliver a bouquet of balloons without tangling of the ribbons. They help you transport air-inflated balloons to a job site. A customer who is given  a bouquet of balloons, can get them home without problems. Gemar's  Balloon Transport Bags take the hassle out of transporting balloons:

• Minimize tangled ribbon• Reduce the risk of accidentally popping balloons• Make it easier to move balloons in windy conditions• Eliminate mess if a HI-FLOAT treated balloon pops in a car• Keep balloons from floating around your vehicle while you are driving.

In addition, Gemar Balloon Transport Bags are specially ventilated to allow balloons treated with HI-FLOAT to dry properly.  These bags will not significantly reduce the floating time of latex balloons.   They also help reduce oxidation by blocking the balloons exposure to sunlight.

For more information on HI-FLOAT visit HI-FLOAT’s web site Note: Hi-Float is a brand owned by The HI-FLOAT Company, USA


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