Balloon decoration training





A comprehensive training programme to teach you the balloon decorating business! Learn by hands-on experience on how to make air filled balloon arches, helium string of pearl arches, balloon columns, trees, canopies, balloon modelling, helium bouquets, air filled centre pieces, balloon walls , link balloons, organic decor and more.



(Without all the years of learning by trial and error that comes by teaching yourself)


About us:

Established nearly 8 years ago, bubbly balloons has a great retail story to tell: bubbly products soon became hits and today the brand is present in over 50 cities across India and is available in India’s finest chain of stores including online stores like amazon. The assortment and quality of bubbly’s products are unique. We are the only official distributors for Gemar Balloons, Italy, in India. Our Balloon Artists are proven professionals.


What you receive in the 4 day comprehensive seminar:

4 days of fabulous hands-on training from our trained artists

Wholesale Sourcing Guides

Photos of balloon décor work for reference

Balloon Modelling Recipes and Instructions

Course Completion Certificate- TBA or Trained Balloon Artist- only in digital format. For a certificate of good quality printed, laminated photo frame, Rs600 will be charged extra

On going help after completion

Important Note: Classes conducted only in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India and nowhere else. Extend your stay for a day in case classes are to be cancelled due to extremely unavoidable emergencies, which is beyond our control or extraordinary circumstances which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures have been taken by us like unannounced power shut down etc  

Balloon decoration training


Training includes but not limited to: Arches, Organic decor, String of pearl arches, air filled arches, columns, canopies, walls, balloon sculptures, balloon trees, helium bouquets, air filled centre pieces, setting up your business, marketing, buying only the equipment you really need, sourcing from wholesalers and pricing your jobs along with a host of other topics!

In short, this training will teach you every aspect to get a real business up and running.


Program cost:

Comprehensive four days balloon decorating course

Cost of Seminar: Rs.25000 per person. GST Extra. This does not include food or accomodation and the candidate has to make his/her own arrangement for food and accomodation. We can assist you in finding  a good accomodation, if necessary

Class hours: Regular 4day Comprehensive Class, 10.30 am to 4pm with 30 minutes lunch break

Contact us to know when the next session starts.



1. Once I have taken this training course, how much money do I really need to get stared?

We would say about Rs.20000 minimum. Others have started for less; some others, more. We provide an itemized list of the necessities and where to purchase them at the best wholesale price.

2. What benefit is there in me taking this course with you instead of looking for resources on the net and trying to do it myself?

The benefit is to learn every facet of the business and where to buy your supplies at wholesale prices and do it right. The cost of your tuition will be covered by the money you save by a) purchasing wholesale product b) not buying equipment you don’t need c) and the money you save in client satisfaction in doing the job perfectly. This translates into more business. We cannot stress this enough. In all parts of life, your best bet is finding something that works and copy it. Don’t try and invent it yourself when some successful person already has. What you save in learning it right from someone with experience, is well worth the money spent on front end.

The internet doesn’t teach you the common pitfalls and mistakes you can make. You need to learn(by doing) hands on techniques and practice with an instructor so you can do the basics correctly. It has been our experience that time spent learning it right, instead of trial and error does two things: a) It saves time in the long run and b) your credibility/reputation is not damaged. If you want to make money, learn it right, know how to fix the problems and be professional. The money will come!

3. What happens if I get home after I take the classes and I forget how to do something?

Hopefully that will not happen because we give you hands on training and that you will remember everything. But if that does happen, e mail support from us is always available to you. By the way, you do have to pass a basic skills test or you are not leaving the class!

4. Once I complete this course, will I know everything I need to start my business?


5. Can I do this part time and keep my regular job?

If you want to do only part-time decorating, this is a simple task because most parties/events are in the evenings and weekends. You can make appointments with your clients after work to discuss their decoration needs. It can be a perfect home based business. You will, however, come to that fork in the road when you become so well known, you have to decide whether or not to make it a full time ambition (Trust us --- it happens!)


6. What about class size?

We try to keep the group very small. The perfect class size is 3 students, or less. 


7. Do I really advertise when first starting out? They are very expensive!

You can distribute handbills or your business cards or give classifieds advertisements. If you are able to do one good job in one party, then it reaches hundreds of guests who attend that party. Also these guests would spread the word among others! You can also advertise on google adwords targeting your location.


8. Do you have any restrictions?

Both Yes and No.

a) Yes: We can teach only in English. And not in any other language. You need to have a decent command of the English to be able to keep up with the class.

b) mobile phones are not allowed, as we find them distracting, but you can use your mobile phone to shoot pictures or videos

c) No: you can open up a business anywhere you want to. No restrictions.


9. I am excited!!! Tell me what I need to do to enroll in your classes….

First: Qualify your need for starting a new business in your present area. Check what your competition will be. If you face competition then you might want to reconsider this profession or consider moving elsewhere. We honestly don’t want to train someone and then find out the main reason that they didn’t succeed was because the market was already flooded. We want to make sure the students will flourish and that they are not wasting their time!

Finally… you have to pay the fees. You may make online payment or pay by  cash or by demand draft drawn on any bank at Coimbatore. Please let us know if you wish to make online payment and we will e mail you the link. 


10. Is the fee paid refundable if I am unable to attend?

This fee payment is non-refundable and non transferable for any reason whatsoever. Nor will we be able to reschedule your class, if you do not find time to attend as agreed. Please understand that the fee paid is used towards the money for the rent of the building, advertisements, course materials, wages for the training staff and hence are already spent.


11. What can I expect to learn from your classes?

A short cut to success!

With our 8 years experience and with our latest state of the art world class imported balloon decorating training kits & tools, getting your business going and growing is a Godsend. We will show the best and fastest ways of doing things that will propel you way ahead of all others. Accumulating all the resources of 8 years, knowing the short cuts and our money saving techniques is worth its weight in gold. The training cost far outweighs the money you will save by not making the mistakes, doing it quicker, buying it cheaper and enabling your business to grow rapidly. (we only wish this were available to us when we started out.) Again, in any business venture if you can copy the pattern of someone else’s success, that only makes sense. Don’t do it all yourself if there is already a proven way out there. Learn their basic operation and then put your own flair to it to make it your own. 


12. After this training, is there any need for further balloon classes?

You bet there is!!! This business changes all the time and new ideas are out there for the taking. Like our Face Book Page to get the latest information and updates. Please understand that we can only teach you the basics in these four days and these classes are sufficient to develop further. Frankly, to learn everything in balloons, one needs to undergo a 5 year course! 


13. What do I need to bring with me?

A desire to learn. Although your training manual is quite concise and you do not have to write everything down, you will still be making notes to yourself. So please bring a note book and pen along and also a good camera to take pictures, if you feel is necessary.


14. Give me some ideas of what the classes are like?

In the beginning we will be going over basics on balloons. Then we will move on to learning about helium centre pieces, and all the hands on training on making balloon trees, columns and arches, Organic decoration, Balloon Canopies, Designing with Link Balloons, Helium Bouquets, Balloon Modelling and more. In short, you will be confident of creating unique, innovative and professional designs with balloons. We will also teach you on the tricks of advertising, making your own portfolio and logos , starting your business and the mechanics of accomplishing them and a lot more

15. What is the earning potential? 

You can decorate for birthdays, weddings and anniversary functions and also corporate functions. You can earn a minimum nett income of Rs2000 decorating a birthday party in just about 2 hours. In addition to this, you can sell Helium balloons and bouquets including personlized balloons wherein you can earn not less than Rs1000 a day. Furthermore, you can twist balloons in parties to entertain kids and make an earning of 1500-2500 in just about an hour, from each occasion. Earnings depend on the location and population. A small city like coimbatore, for example, has over 4 lakh children meaning 4 lakh birthdaysSmile. Even if you can grab 0.1% of the children's birthdays  its 400 birthdays a year and this means more than one decoration order every day of the year! Apart from the birthdays there are many corporate functions, school functions to name a few. Helium balloons are in demand for celebration of birthdays, weddings, Love, anniversary, new borns, to wish 'getwell soon', ' congratulations' and almost every occasion!

Note : we are the only organization in India which has all materials and professional equipments required for balloon decorating business like Conwin's electric inflators, insider balloon stuffing tools, balloon bulbs, balloon exploders, Lomey Pedestals , Tulle and helium ribbons, Helium regulators, Mass Balloon Release nets, Balloon Drop nets, SDS ( Skistimas Design System) Panels, Gridz and so on. Also we have invested lakhs of rupees on educational DVDs.