Balloon in a Box

balloon in a box

Do You Want To Surprise Your Friends Or Loved Ones Or Someone Special?

How about a balloon message popping out of a gift box?

All of our balloon-in-a-box are beautifully presented! Your recepient will be delighted upon opening the gift box , when a big helium filled balloon with a message comes floating up and out of a gift box to greet him/her! Balloon ( Note : only one large 18" foil balloon)  floats out of a tissue-lined gift box , decorated with a huge colorful bow , making an amazing impact. We guarantee that this gesture will be received with joy and surprise!

We carry 18 inch foil balloon for every occasion: Birthday, Anniversary, Congratulations, Good Luck, Welcome, I Love You, Thank You, Get Well, Valentine's Day, Christmas, New Year and so on. One can even place gifts inside the box and what not, the recipient may happily pose for the camera with the floating message balloon! Foil balloons will float for 3 to 7 days.

Call 98942 98924 and let us bring this magical gift to your next occasion!!