Balloon Printing

Balloon Printing

We are also specialized in Balloon Printing with a Top Quality Silk Screen Printing machine, introduced for the first time in India! e mail us at or call 98942 98924 for more information!

balloon printing

How are Latex balloons imprinted?

Contrary to popular belief, most imprinted Latex balloons manufactured these days are not hand stamped in a deflated condition as they once were! Rather, most are usually imprinted in an inflated state and are either sprayed, offset or screen printed. Inflation gives the proper tension to the surface of the balloon for the ink to successfully transfer. Specialized "balloon friendly" inks must also be used that will penetrate (and adhere) to the surface of the balloon but yet not penetrate completely through the Latex into the interior, causing holes. By the time the balloon is deflated, the ink must be dry in order to prevent offsetting it onto other balloons in close proximity. An increasingly popular method of printing (but probably the most labor-intensive) is called silk screening. The process of imprinting balloons is a laborious activity. This is why imprinted printed latex balloons are so much more expensive than unprinted balloons to produce. ( Contribution: Balloon HQ website )

The possiblities to customize a balloon are endless. Any logo , message or advertisement can be imprinted to cover all 5 sides of the balloon or by using 1 upto 8 different print colors . The result : our customers get the best balloons to advertise and customize for any occasion. 

More information on balloon printing:

A)    Imported balloons ( Italian made )  with silk screen printing 


1) shelf life of uninflated balloons- over 3 years ( when stored under ideal conditions)

2) quality of print - very sharp- excellent print details

3) Helium quality. Since made from 100% rubber latex, will retain air for much longer period. ( Made from 100% rubber latex- hence less pores caused on its surface on inflation, which means they stay longer after inflation). Also suitable for Hi Float

4) Minimum damages - less than 1%

5) Balloons are made by using advanced automated manufacturing procedures to ensure the highest standards of quality and product stability

6) Balloons are certified for their quality by authorized bodies worldwide. CE Toy Safety certified. 100% Made in Italy, in strict compliance with National and European legislation.Tested for hazardous chemicals by TUV ( Safe for your kinds

7) The printing ink too complies with the European Toy Safety Standard EN 71-3 and is saliva resistant, once again keeping in mind the safety of the children 

8) More than 70 brilliant colours

9) Balloons are suitable for long lasting decorations

10) Balloons are equipped with a long neck for easy tie

11) Balloons are 100% bio-degradable

12) Specialised ' Balloon friendly' certified  ink is used that will penetrate ( and adhere) to the surface of the balloon but yet not penetrate completely through the latex into the interior , causing hole (pores). Hence less damages. We use German made Balloon Ink that is high pigmented and specially developed for the printing on Latex-Balloons. It has a very high brilliance and intensity, as well a very good adhesion and therefore scratch resistance.

 13) Printed on automated silk screen printing machines

14) Uniformity  in shape and size

15) uniformity in  printing ( exact positioning of printing area)

16) Uniformity in colour ( colour consistency)


B. Locally made balloons with hand printing - Manual screen printing process

Disadvantages: 1) air retainability is shorter, 2)  No quality certifications, 3) More damages likely, 4) printing will not be sharp,  5)  lack of uniformity in shape and size 6) printing may not be uniform due to lack of uniformity in size/ shape, 7) lack of consistency of colour, 8) uninflated balloon’s shelf life - maximum 3 months, 9)  fewer colour options, 10) Not suitable for helium filling, 11) Balloons as well as the Printing inks do not comply with quality standards/ toy safety certifications and contain hazardous chemicals