Frequently Asked Questions

What are rubber balloons made from?
Natural rubber balloons are made with the white sap or latex collected from the rubber trees grown in tropical rein forests in different parts of the world. The latex is collected form the trees by using an ancient method called “tapping” that does not harm the tree. A single rubber tree can produce rubber for about 40 years! Latex is also classified as...would you believe...a vegetable? ( Contribution:

Are latex balloons bio- degradable?
Latex is biodegradable and will decompose as fast as an oak leaf in your back yard given identical conditions. The degradation process begins almost immediately after inflated balloons are exposed to the air. This can be seen by the oxidation --the "frosting" that begins to coat Latex balloons after they have been inflated for a while. Exposure to elevated temperatures and sunlight quickens this process.  (

What is a Foil Balloon?

Foil balloons are made of a thin , continuous film of metal over nylon. These balloons are less porous and remain inflated several times longer than untreated latex balloons. Foil balloons are not bio-degradable. Furthermore, since any foil balloon's surface can conduct electricity, one should not release a helium filled foil balloon...Always secure a foil balloon to a weight to avoid accidental release.  ( Contribution:

How are Latex balloons imprinted?
Contrary to popular belief, most imprinted Latex balloons manufactured these days are not hand stamped in a deflated condition as they once were! Rather, most are usually imprinted in an inflated state and are either sprayed, offset or screen printed. Inflation gives the proper tension to the surface of the balloon for the ink to successfully transfer. Specialized "balloon friendly" inks must also be used that will penetrate (and adhere) to the surface of the balloon but yet not penetrate completely through the Latex into the interior, causing holes. By the time the balloon is deflated, the ink must be dry in order to prevent offsetting it onto other balloons in close proximity. An increasingly popular method of printing (but probably the most labor-intensive) is called silk screening. The process of imprinting balloons is a laborious activity. This is why imprinted printed latex balloons are so much more expensive than unprinted balloons to produce. ( Contribution:

What is Helium ?
Helium filled balloons have the magic ability to delight us

Helium is a non-flammable, non-toxic, non-radioactive, non-poisonous naturally occurring and environmentally friendly light gas that often used to fill balloons to make them float/fly. Since Helium is very rare, it is expensive. Though Helium is safe to use, do not directly inhale Helium from a balloon.

WARNING: Hydrogen, is a gas that is lightest of all the elements. So Hydrogen filled balloons float in the air in much the same way as Helium filled balloons. Hydrogen is an explosive material and hence is very very dangerous if used for filling balloons! Helium has an important safety advantage—it cannot burn or explode like hydrogen

More on helium and Dos and Dont's at

What is a ‘Helium Quality Balloon’?
Balloons when inflated cause pores on its walls/ surface. The air inside tends to escape through the pores. When balloons are made of 100% latex rubber , they cause less pores on its surface when inflated and thus they retain air/ helium for a comparatively longer time. These 100% rubber latex balloons are called ‘ Helium Quality’ Balloons

How to make the balloons float /fly?
See FAQ under ‘ What is Helium’

Are Latex balloons safe for children to play with?
Balloons are fun. Balloons have the magicability to delight the children and to awake desire across all age groups. But, they should also be handled responsibly and discarded with caution if they happen to burst or otherwise reach the end of their brief, but nonetheless enjoyable lifetimes. So, a few words of caution:

CHOKING HAZARD –Balloons are not suitable for Children under 3 years. Children under 8 years can choke or suffocate on deflated or broken balloons. Adults supervision is required. Adults must inflate the balloons and make sure that the children are using them correctly. Keep the deflated balloons away from Children. Discard broken balloons at once. Inflate balloons with a balloon pump. Keep balloons away from eyes, face and do not inflate by mouth since the burst of a balloon can cause injury

According to the National SAFE KIDS Campaign, each year over 100,000 children under age 4 are treated in hospital emergency rooms for toy-related injuries, and 17 children die. Approximately one-third of the deaths result from choking; and one-third of the choking deaths result from latex balloons.

Children under age 4 are especially prone to choking injuries because they put things in their mouths, and their airways are so small that they can get easily plugged.  The Child Safety Protection Act requires warning labels about the dangers of choking on packages for balloons.  All our balloon packs carry  the warning message on Choking Hazard. Also our Gemar Balloon packs carry the warning in Hindi, as per the latest emendments to European Toy Safety Regulations that requires Warnings to be in the official language of the country..

We have brought out a book-let on ‘How to buy a safe toy’. This book-let titled ‘ Toy-Wise’ is distributed free.  Please e mail us for a  free copy of the ‘Toy-Wise’ booklet, which has very valuable information!

How to store balloons :
To get the longest life out of your latex balloons store them away from extreme temperatures ( hot or cold) and away from light.

Method of Storage:

Store Balloons fully packed in a cool and dry place at a tempereature in between 10 degree celcius and 30 degree C.  Avoid exposure to heat, humidity , artificial lights, UV rays, sunlight and as well as undue loads and compaction



How to inflate balloons?
Some people have the natural  knack of blowing up balloons. Many others have difficulty.

Inflate balloons with a balloon pump. Keep balloons away from eyes, face and do not inflate by mouth since the burst of a balloon can cause injury.We  would  suggest our  balloons pumps to inflate balloons.

You may notice the technical details like the Diameter  in centimeteres or inches , printed on our balloon packs. That indicates the maximum limit. Never fully inflate your balloons.  After inflating 100%, just let a little of air out before you tie a balloon, so that they remain longer; otherwise they may burst unexpectedly.

Never leave the balloons on the floor where there are dust particles that might prick the balloon and burst it . Any balloon, if over-inflated, will burst. The odd balloon will still burst as you blow it up, but even the professional can't avoid this. Since our balloons are made of 100% Rubber Latex, they retain air for a much longer period.

Check here for more information/ images

How to inflate heart balloons?
Hearts, because of it's shape has a weak point( thinner part) in the middle of the 2 curves. In oder to get the most shape out of the heart balloons we always try to over-inflate. Please do not attempt to do it.

How to inflate figure balloons or the Animal Shaped Balloons?

Figure balloons require  some special skills or  technique and some practice to inflate them. The rabbit, mouse, elephant and duck are little more difficult to inflate. Its easy once you 've got the  knack

These balloons were originally created for the street vendors who are very familiar with the product. They normally would have developed  a technique to inflate them with helium. But now these items are also sold in the retail market as well.

The following tips would help you to inflate the figure balloons:
Animal shaped balloons are very strange and are difficult to inflate ; they have heads, ears, and bodies, lacking legs. The multiple diameters make these very tricky to blow up. The smaller areas would have higher internal pressures if they were separate balloons, so they tend to deflate into the larger areas. Getting the ears to inflate on a balloon with this feature can be tricky and it is often best to start by forcing the ears to inflate first. Getting something like a bunny balloon fully inflated is a challenge, since the diameter of the ears is so much less than the diameter of the fat part of the belly. Here are some more tips: 

1. heat up the balloon by rubbing it between your hands

2. inflate the ears by closing the balloons with your hands and directing the air into one ear and then the other will inflate automatically

3. inflate the head

4. inflate the body   

NOTE.: The pressure of an air compressor or helium tank or balloon pump  will help to inflate the balloon;  inflating the figure balloons by mouth  is almost impossible

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How to tie a balloon Knot?
To tie a balloon use our automatic plastic seals. Its so easy to use and costs just indian rupees 6  per piece. re-usable.

Avoid using a thread to tie a balloon. Always 'self-tie' a knot with the balloon itself. This way you can avoid  air escape even through a small route!

It is surprising how many people cant tie a knot in an inflated balloon.The thickest and strongest part of the balloon is the neck. This is the best spot for your knot.  First let a little air out of the balloon after inflation.  Then try tying the knot. Please remember , practice makes perfect!

Steps: ( Courtesy:

1. Inflate the balloon using a balloon pump or balloon inflator.
2. Stretch the neck and wrap it around the fourth finger on your left hand. 
3. Create a gap and move the the loose end in. Now pull the loose end of the neck trough the gap.
4. If you did everything right or after some practice, your balloon knot should look like this.

how to tie a balloon knot

How to make a simple air filled Balloon Bouquet?

Step 1:Inflate 4 balloons of the same colour and then tie the 2 balloons each together by their necks

Step 2:Inflate a balloon of contrasting colour - inflated to max size and then deflated to 60%  of it's size to bring a small round shape

Step 3 :Twist the 2 sets of balloons together by  wrapping  around the neck of the single balloon

Congratulations! Now you have successfully learnt to make a " Balloon Bouqet"  and this is a first step towards becoming a professional balloon decorator

How to use Link Balloons

Link Balloons are special balloons which can be tied between each other making decorating fun and easy. 

Link Balloons are used in decoration with a pack of link balloons , along with a  pack of 5" Dia small  round balloons.

Here is the step by step guide to use Link Balloons: 

Step 1: 
Tie an uninflated portion of a link balloon ( this tail-like portion will remain uninflated)  with a mouth of another link balloon to make a chain of balloons .

Step 2: 
In between the link balloons:

Tie four 5" dia small round balloons as follows:

a) Inflate 2 round balloons of the same colour , each balloon inflated to max size and then deflated to 75% of it's size.

b) Now  tie the 2 balloons together by their necks.

c) Repeat this step again with another set of round balloons of  same colour.

d) Now twist the 2 sets of balloons at the point where the link balloons are tied  and wrap the same around the link. You will make a link balloon decoration as shown in the image above.

Congratulations! You have taken a giant step towards becoming a professional balloon decorator

Rules to follow on Mass Balloon Release:
One must release only 100 percent latex balloons. One must also restrict the number of balloons. All balloons must be self-tied. One should not use any attachments, like threads, ribbons etc to the balloons. Last but not the least, one must "Follow the local law, if any, regarding balloon releases".

Where can I find more information about balloons?
One of the best online sources (and a virtual wealth of information about balloons and ballooning!) is contained at the Balloon HQ website.

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