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A Toy is defined as ‘ an object for children to play with’ .  Since balloons too are used  by children to play with , balloons are classified  under the category ‘Toys’

Toy safety is the practice of ensuring that toys, are safe, usually through the application of set of safety standards. In many countries, including India, commercial toys must be able to pass safety tests in order to be sold. Many countries model their safety standards on the European Union’s EN 71 standards. The toys have to be tested safe as per the guidelines in accredited laboratories.

On the 20.07.2013, the new European toy standard EN 71 part 12:  an amendment of the EN 71 part 3: migration of certain elements are coming into effect.  Gemar  balloons are already tested regarding the new standards and passed.

GEMAR has also successfully passed TUV proof tests in relation to the new standards.

Gemar Balloons are Made in Italy, in strict compliance with National and European legislation.

The company has successfully achieved, the Certificate "100% Made in Italy" issued by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers (ITPI, such certificate guarantees consumers for the authentic origin and quality of the products.

Gemar’s balloons have also earned the following certifications:

Gemar Balloons Quality Certification