party special effects

Create exciting special effects for Weddings, Birthday Parties, Product Launches, Corporate Presentations, Outdoor Events etc with our new arrivals: Here is everything you need to create spectacular effects! 

a) Confetti Cannons:

Non- pyrotechnic and Safe. Cannons fire confetti when remotely activated!

b) Confetti Mega Cannon:

Throws 10 times more confetti than the hand-made ones!

c) Balloon Exploders:

These Pneumatic Balloon exploders are safe, easy to use and are Non - pyrotechnic! Are great as balloon column toppers and over dance floors


d) Balloon Bulbs:

Create brilliant decor with our balloon bulbs. Balloon bulbs are a perfect accent for dance floors, entrance decor, buffet areas

Call or e mail us today and let us bring these excitements to your next occasion!