Balloon with a twist!


Balloon with a twist!

Balloon animals are a delight to children.  Every child (and adult) loves to watch as a balloon is twisted and turned as it takes shape and they are great option for entertaining children. We all know that children love balloons, but even better they love balloons created especially for them by the balloon twisters
Modelling balloons are popular at birthday parties, fairs and carnivals. Twisters also perform in restaurants, and at public and private events or functions, shop openings and  side-shows at a school fair. Balloons work extremely well as a give-away for promotions or special events. Modelling Balloons are fantastic entertainment for all ages, in  addition to face painting  and tattoos.
What is balloon modelling? Balloon modelling or balloon twisting or balloon sculpting is the shaping of special modelling balloons into almost any given shape, often a balloon animal   but variety of shapes that could be modelled  is limited only by imagination of the balloon artist who  does the modelling. People who create balloon animals and other twisted balloon sculptures are called Balloon Twisters, Balloon Sculpting Artists.
Two important tools of balloon twisting are special balloons and inflation device.  The Special balloons are made in various colors and are very long and very narrow and are called modelling balloons.  Balloons are classified according to sizes and are identified by a number. The most common balloons used are “160” and “260” which means that they have 1 and 2 inches in diameter respectively and have 60 inches in length and hence the names.
Balloon models can be made from just one balloon but there are models that demand two or more. Single balloon sculptures are basic four-legged animals like a poodle, giraffe, monkey , bear, hat, sword , flower among others. Some of the multi-balloon models are: monkey on palm tree, flowers, octopus and turtle. 
Take care to check whether the  modelling balloons comply with CE EN 71 Toy Safety Standards and will not disappoint you. Good quality modelling balloons are not only safe and look fantastic but they will also keep your children  amused long after the twisting has finished. Good quality modelling balloons should withstand the twists and turns. 
Larger than life animals, cartoon characters, and big fat penguins, balloon twisters   make it happen! It is the perfect way to take your party to a whole new, memorable level!  Balloon modelling artists are  AMAZING and you will find the kids in absolute awe of  their creations! For birthday parties, the artists  can make the birthday child a larger scale design based around something the child likes like princesses, pirates, spiderman etc  and if you have a theme in mind, the artists can design balloons around your theme. 
Lots of the kid’s mums have said their kids came home asking for bubbly balloons  at their next party! 
Call 98942 98924 to find out more about our fantastic balloon modelling & balloon décor. Available for birthday parties,  weddings, christenings & private and corporate events, our artists can create something totally unique that will WOW the crowd!

Also contact us for balloon modelling workshops for small groups. E mail us at for more information

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