Jungle Safari Theme Party


Jungle Safari Theme Party

Organizing a birthday party is easier when you start with a theme.   If you wish to have a party with wild fun and adventure, then jungle theme is for you! A jungle or safari theme is ideal for the little ones  that love to explore, learn about new things and for the guests who want to go on an adventure! Its a trendy theme for a kids birthday party or for a party for adults. If you are planning baby’s first birthday party, nothing is more fun than the Jungle theme.

Nothing is more fun than super shape balloon  animals in the party like Mischievous Monkey, Jolly Giraffe, Tickled Tiger, Lovable Lion and  Ellie the Elephant . These  super shape wild foil balloons are child-friendly and so  you don’t have to alert your guests! Jumping around like a Mischievous Monkey  to roaring like a Lovable Lion to photo-shooting with a Ticklish Tiger,  believe us, your guest will  have loads of fun with these creations! Palm trees made of palm frond balloons and a rainbow made entirely of bio degradable latex balloons will be an awesome addition to a Jungle Party!

wild patterned balloons like the striking zebra stripes, unique cheetah spots and terrific tiger stripes are guaranteed to brighten up any party venue. Tiger stripes balloon is a bright orange balloon printed with black tiger stripes. Cheetah spots balloons and Tiger stripes balloons are perfect for the big cat fan in your family!  If you like to live life on the wild side, show off your stripes and put up these captivating zebra pattern balloons.   

Are you looking for a  balloon Owl under a balloon tree? Or an African Lion resting under a balloon tree? Or a Balloon monkey that is mischievous?  Or your kids want to touch and feel  something different—a ticklish tiger? Or for a change a Fun Loving Ellie the Elephant? Or a Jolly Jiraffe,  styled specifically to appeal to very young children and their families? Or Helium balloon bouquets made up of wild patterned balloons that will add a great addition to your celebration? You so much fancy the jungle scene and you want to see all these and more  in your next party? Our past works are a testimony. Our amazing creations will make your jungle safari theme party come alive.  






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