Helium Balloons


Helium Balloons


Helium filled balloons have the magic ability to delight us. Helium balloons and Helium balloon bouquets are the perfect way to add colour, theme and fun to the party venue. Whether you want to draw attention to the entrance, the dance floor, the stage or the cake table or  the banquet  table, helium balloons  add colour and movement within the venue. Helium filled foil balloons in your child's favorite character like Cinderella add to the theme party atmosphere. Kids love helium balloons and they appeal to adults as well! Helium is a light gas that often used to fill balloons to make them float or fly. 


Hydrogen, is a gas that is lightest of all the elements. So Hydrogen filled balloons float in the air in much the same way as Helium filled balloons, but Hydrogen is an explosive material and hence is dangerous if used for filling balloons! Helium has an important safety advantage—it cannot burn or explode like hydrogen

Here is more: Hydrogen as we explained is a flammable and explosive gas. On the other hand , Helium is a colorless, odorless, tasteless non-poisonous, non-flammable, non-explosive, non-toxic, non-radioactive naturally occurring and environment friendly gas, that often used to fill balloons to make them float. Helium is thus known as a noble gas. Persons suffering from Asthma and breathing problems are sometimes administered a mixture of Helium and oxygen, under medical supervision. Also Helium is used for other medical purposes like for operating MRI machines. Though Helium is safe to use, do not directly inhale Helium from a balloon, as Helium may displace the oxygen in the body and that may lead to  suffocation and serious harm


Many in India, use the highly flammable and explosive Hydrogen Gas 1) First and foremost , because it costs very less.  Hydrogen is abundant on Earth and hence cheaper whereas Helium is rare on earth and hence is very expensive. 2) due to lack of awareness of Hydrogen Gas's impending danger 3) some among the users who think they are 'wise'  assume that, though hydrogen is flammable and explosive , the hydrogen filled balloons that they use in "their" party, may not explode, ha ha!  One of the users, when pointed out the risk, said this to us " we have used Hydrogen in our last year party and nothing happened!" Well, what can we say?  4) Its funny when some others think they can take extra care to prevent any untoward accidents.  How wrong they are! Please read further to know more 5) Unfortunately , in many Cities across India, including Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata - many reputed party suppliers, event managers and balloon decorators still use the dangerous, explosive and flammable Hydrogen gas. While the cutomers trust them thinking they use only Helium, these event managers let them down.

Watch a video of  Hydrogen Gas balloon explosion

Its sad to hear the injured little child screaming in this video

At an annual party at the Allen Career Institute in Chandigarh, northern India, over 150 party balloons suddenly exploded in a massive fireball injuring 15 people. The explosion was simply due to a hydrogen filled  balloon brushing up against a light bulb. watch the video here Balloon Blast Chandigarh

Here are a few links to understand why Hydrogen gas should not be used in balloons:

hydrogen balloon explosion Mirror Now

Balloon explosion- The Hindu

Balloon Explosion -The Hindustan Times

News Article TOI

And if you look at the contents of some of the news articles, you’ll notice it reads like this :  “Helium Balloons Burst Into Flames, Injure 15”

IS HELIUM FLAMMABLE? The answer is simply, no. Helium is an inert gas. Inert quite literally means non-combustible.

In these news-reports, the reporters have NOT mentioned the correct reason: that the explosions were due to ' Hydrogen Gas', because of their ignorance of the facts. Note: only Hydrogen will burn and explode and Helium is a non-explosive and non-flammable gas and hence Helium is safe to use.  Hope all the reporters and media outlets out there will do their part to report the truth and not mislead. We also hope they report the facts and create awareness on the unsafe use of Hydrogen in balloons in our country. We see dozens of improperly titled articles all of the time and it seems to most often be from media outlets in India. 'If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed.'- Mark Twain

To get back to the main point, why is helium gas so often mistaken as flammable?

1) Perhaps it goes all the way back to the infamous Hindenburg blimp tragedy ( which was filled with Hydrogen and not Helium) 

2) Perhaps the label of “gas” is just automatically assumed to also mean flammable.  This is because our domestic LPG cylinders used for cooking are commonly referred to as 'Gas Cylinders'

3) And perhaps it has something to do with articles that announce that a bunch of helium balloons caught fire and injured people. Well, they didn’t, as helium is not flammable

So what was in these balloons that exploded?  

Those balloons in the link above  certainly exploded and people certainly were hurt. Because the actual gas inside was hydrogen. 

Never use Hydrogen gas in balloons. We use Helium Gas that comes with  99.995% Purity certification. We also use safe and certified Helium Helium cylinder regulators to fill the balloons like the world-renowned balloon decoration equipment manufacturer Conwin, USA . We follow all smart balloon practices and guidelines for safety. Now buy your helium balloons from Bubbly Balloons, the helium experts and  your “helium balloons” are never going to burst into flames. Call us today at 98942 98924 and let us bring the magic of helium balloons to your next occasion!

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