Balloons in wedding


Balloons in wedding

If you think that balloons are just for birthdays , then listen to  what some of the industry's top wedding planners in India are saying: “ With newer trends coming in each day couples with an appetite for western style are increasingly looking for ways to decorate their wedding with balloons to make their weddings glitzy and glamorous"

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Here are some wonderful balloon decorating ideas from engagement shoot to the wedding reception:

1) Awesome ceremony & Gorgeous reception backdrops and photo booths

2) Grand entrance décor with Organic Arches & spiral columns with Giant heart shaped balloons and Light up columns

3) Cake table centre pieces

4) Banquet table decorating with personalized balloons and with balloon inside balloon

5) Mass Balloon release

6) Balloon blasts-  lining the aisles with balloons inside giant balloons that remotely burst as the couple walk, letting the balloons float magically in the venue

7) Bouquets - Carrying an oversized personalized balloon or a couple of them down the aisle with colors matching the theme and scheme of the wedding

8) Personalised photo balloons

9) Festive Ceiling hangings inside the reception area using unique link balloons

10) Oversized balloons covered in colorful tulle  floating at different heights that add an elegant touch at the wedding venue. The  giant balloons are quickly becoming a hot new trend in weddings and they bring your party to life and enhance your venue with bursts of colour.

Using wide range of latex and unique wedding foil balloons and  World class Balloon Decoration Equipments including Skistimas Design Sytem ( SDS)  Panels and Quick Frame Radius, Special Effects like  Confetti Cannons, Balloon stuffing tools, Balloon Blaster , Balloon Bulbs, a simplest wedding venue can be transformed to your desired theme!  

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