Personalized or Customized balloons


Personalized or Customized balloons

Personalize your party! Choose a Bigger Balloon to Celebrate Big, as Bigger Balloons create Bigger Impression!

What's more, everyone loves a greeting with a personal touch!

The personalized 36" Helium Filled Blue color  Star Foil Balloon in this image has 12" Polka dot printed balloons and 5" white round balloons as the base, floating on a Tulle fabric. All balloons are from Gemar Balloons , Italy

Bubble balloons too can be personlized to suit any occasion. Foil balloons and bubble balloons usually float for about 3 to 7 days under normal room temperature

Happy Birthday, We are Engaged, Just Married, Happy Anniversary, Best Wishes, Congratulations, Welcome, Baby shower, Holy Communion, My Christening ...whatever the occasion, its now easier than ever to greet with a personal touch and who wouldnt love that? Call us at 98942 98924 to personlize balloons for your next occasion!

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