Mass Balloon Release


Mass Balloon Release

Helium filled Mass Balloon releases are suitable for sports events, school events, grand openings and so on! Watch this amazing balloon release video

SSVM World School , Coimbatore , India orgainzed a mass balloon release recently on their Sports Day, one of its kind and hitherto unheard of in our country! One will find no words to describe how much the children and the parents enjoyed the unique event!

Mass balloon releases are fun to watch and are great for making kids happy. Mass balloon releases is an unique way  to showcase the start of an event , a means to highlight a message or an exciting focal point to an event. These are a few reasons why SSVM World School , Coimbatore  , India chose to release balloons on their sports day . While doing so , this great school had taken every effort to inspect and check  whether all rules are followed  on mass balloon releases, though its NOT YET a law in our country:

1) All balloons that were released were  only latex balloons made of natural rubber, that are 100% bio degradable. All the  balloons were self-tied. Threads, ribbons etc were not attached to the balloons, as these are not bio degradable.

2) In case of mass balloon releases, the released balloons should be hand-tied, knotted and contained inside a bag or net before being released en mass. Specially made  balloon nets were used for the purpose.
3) Foil balloons are made of a thin , continuous film of metal over nylon and hence they are not bio-degradable. Furthermore, any foil balloon's surface can conduct electricity. So no foil balloons were released
4) One should always use Helium to make the balloons float. Do not use Hydrogen gas to fill the balloons  as Hydrogen  is highly dangerous as it could burn and cause explosions. Hydrogen is a flammable gas. On the other hand , Helium is a colourless, odorless and tasteless non poisonous, non-flammable, non-toxic naturally occurring and environment friendly gas, that often used to fill balloons to make them fly.  It is also called a noble gas. Many in India  use Hydrogen Gas in balloons  as it costs very less. Hydrogen is abundant on Earth and hence cheaper whereas Helium is rare on earth and hence is expensive.  When it comes to keeping the kids safe,  SSVM school, one of the very best schools in India, always leads by example and takes extra precautions!  
5) Conwin’s USA Made Dual speed, Certified Helium regulators were used to complete the inflation in time.
6) In short all the right equipment were used for mass balloon releases and  the international rules on balloon release were religiously followed!
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