Party Special Effects


Party Special Effects

Special effects for parties

We can create exciting special effects in Weddings, Birthday Parties, Product Launches, Corporate Presentations, Outdoor Events etc with our new arrivals: Here is everything you need to create spectacular effects! 

a) Confetti Cannons:

Non- pyrotechnic and Safe. Cannons fire confetti when remotely activated!

b) Confetti Mega Cannon:

Throws 10 times more confetti than the hand-made ones!

c) Balloon Exploders:

These Pneumatic Balloon exploders are safe, easy to use and are Non - pyrotechnic! Are great as balloon column toppers and over dance floors. The large balloon with large number of small balloons stuffed inside explodes throwing away small balloons  when activated by remote 


d) Balloon Bulbs:

Create brilliant decor with our color changing LED  balloon bulbs. Balloon bulbs are a perfect accent for dance floors, entrance decor, buffet areas. 

Call 98942 98924 or e mail us today and let us bring these excitements to your next occasion!

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