How to choose a good quality balloon?


How to choose a good quality balloon?

No doubt, balloons have the magic ability to delight the children and to awake desire across all age groups, but with a huge collection of balloons stacked in stores both online and offline, isnt it difficult to choose a good balloon?  Here is the guide:

A good balloon has the following conditions: regular peripheral wall thickness, good end gelation, higher elasticity, pinhole free, long neck, good bead rolling and a 'favourable' taste.

A premium quality balloon should have a long neck making it easier to tie. Note that the neck of the balloon is not designed to be inflated. It should also have a thick lip or bead, making it easier to grasp the balloon for inflation and also  for proper grip while tying.  The lip or bead of the balloon surrounds the inflation outlet. Having a reinforced lip also keeps the inflation outlet open rather than collapsed on itself , making inflation much easier. Many manufacturers make balloons with shorter neck and a thin lip to reduce cost. So if you find a balloon with shorter neck and thin bead , then it is not a good quality balloon.  A good quality 10 inch  or 12 inch dia latex balloon should weigh approximately 2 to 2.5 grams

Premium balloons will have uniformity  in shape and size and uniformity in colour ( colour consistency).

Balloons are used by kids for playing. So internationally they are classified under the category of  toys.  This being so a good quality balloon should be tested and certified under toy safety regulations. Presently the sringent CE or European Confirmity Certification is the most popular certification process used in balloons. Balloons must be tested and certified under CE EN 71 Toy Safety regulations. Balloons undergo many chemical processes like vulcanization or curing. To make the latex suitable for balloon production, curing agents, accelerators, oil, color, and water is  added. So a good quality balloon must be tested for hazardous substances and certified of free from hazardous chemicals by accredited laboratories. CE marked balloons undergo toy safety tests. So always insist on  CE marked balloons. Note : Many Chinese products carry fake CE marking. If you find a product with a CE mark without manufacturer's and the importer's address , then that CE mark is a fake.

If it’s a printed balloon, then make sure that the printing ink too complies with the European Toy Safety Standard EN 71-3 and is saliva resistant, keeping in mind the safety of the children 

Balloons when inflated cause pores on its walls or surface. The air inside tends to escape through the pores. Helium molecules tend to move much faster than that of normal air. When balloons are made of 100% latex rubber, they cause less pores on its surface when inflated and thus they retain air or helium for a comparatively longer time. These 100% rubber latex balloons are called ‘ Helium Quality’ Balloons. So check whether your balloons are certified to be made of 100%  rubber latex. Many Indian and Chinese  balloon manufacturers print ‘ Helium Quality’ , ‘ Premium Balloons’ on their balloon pack and these are just fake self-certifications. Only the Certifications by internationally accredited labs like SGS are authentic.  

Is your balloon bio degradable? Latex is biodegradable and will decompose as fast as an oak leaf in your back yard given identical conditions. Good balloons are always made from pure natural rubber latex and are 100% bio degradable

A pack that contains the very best quality balloon should contain information on the size of the balloon. If it says for example 10 inches dia, it means it measures 10” when its fully inflated.  

The balloon pack should also contain the date of manufacture.  A good quality balloon will have a shelf life of  3 to 4 years if stored under proper storage conditions.  Balloons should always be stored in a dry place, away from direct sun light and at a temperature between 5॰C and 25॰C. When balloons are old , they will have a strong, unpleasant smell

Branded balloons will also have a batch number on its pack for identification and tracking. 

Its a misconception that balloons sold in big stores are of good quality. Just because the stores are big, whether offline or online stores like amazon, do not assume that the balloons sold by them are always of good quality. Excercise more care and insist on CE marked and branded balloons, irrespetive of the size of the store

Bubbly Balloons made by Gemar balloons, Italy are made of the highest quality materials, using a meticulous process and are extensively tested.  Bubbly Balloons are made by using advanced automated manufacturing procedures to ensure the highest standards of quality and product stability. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they don’t just meet regulatory safety standards but go beyond to meet our customer's highest expectations! Hence our balloons are premium quality balloons! Bubbly balloons comply with CE EN 71 toy safety standards and are tested for hazardous substances at  SGS TUV SAAR ,Germany. 100% bio degradable.  Our customers know that all bubbly balloons are created to the highest standards by Gemar balloons, Italy , both in terms of quality and dedication to ethical and environmental standards.  Gemar balloons is awarded ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications



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