Fevicol Glue Drops for balloons (set of 5 packs)

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Product code Glue Drop
EAN 8901860634263
Category Other Accessories
Brand Pidilite, India
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Fevicol Glue Drops for attaching balloons (set of  5 packs) 

The best adhesive for attaching latex balloons together or attaching latex or foil balloons to walls and ceilings. They are small, easy to apply, and virtually disappear. No liquid glue to spill. 

Each pack contains 48  Glue Drops ( tiny Dots) . Therefore 5 packs contain 48 x 5 = 240 Glue Drops (Dots). Sold in sets of 5 packs.

It works far better than the messy double sided sticky tape.  This international quality product comes from the house of Pidilite Industries -a pioneer in consumer and specialties chemicals in India.

Features: Fevicol Glue Drops ( Dots) are double -sided.  Easy to Use. Non Messy. Acid Free. Pressure Sensitive. Instant Bonding.  Adheres to various materials such as paper, plastic, wood, metal and more. Ideal for sticking balloons and bunches of balloons to walls and ceilings. Easier and fast to use! No equipment necessary!!

Bubbly balloons is proud to offer this world class poduct to our buyers!

Though the manufacturer - Pidilite Industries - does not make the following claim, we have personally tested this product and found that a single Glue Dot can hold the weight of apprx 150 grams. Since each balloon weighs appx  2 grams, one single glue can easily  hold a bunch of balloons. 

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