Helium Balloon Inflator with Extension Hose and Hand Lever

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Product code HGS201
Category Pumps & Inflators
Brand Western Westwinds, USA
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High Performance Speciality Helium Balloon Inflator with Extension Hose and Hand Lever

Manually inflates Latex balloons and Auto-inflates foil balloons


1 Latex Outlet ( Standard Tilt Valve Inflator)

1 piece 12" Hose Extension with Hand Lever

1 piece auto fill foil outlet

1 pressure gauge

1 Ribbon Cutter

1 disc Tyer post

Standard Tilt  Valve Inflator: Inflates: 260s, 321s, 350s, 360s, 646s, 660s, 5″, 9″, 11″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 24″, 3ft, 6″ & 12″ Link Balloon, GEO Blossoms®, GEO Donuts®, Hearts, Valved Latex Balloons, Bubbles™, Double Bubbles™, Deco Bubbles™, Orbz™.

12” Hose Extension with hand liver: Hand lever offers flexibility and convenience. Foil outlet can be switched to fill latex balloons. Additional latex outlet allows two workers to inflate balloons at the same time .  

Auto-Fill Foil Outlet : Automatically inflates all shapes and sizes of foils to the correct pressure and size.

Pressure Gauge: Measures how much helium is in the cylinder and enables user to calculate the number of balloons that can be inflated.

Ribbon Cutter: Designed with a concealed blade for user protection.

Disc Tyer Post: Allows the user to quickly tie balloons and attach ribbon at the same time when using  Balloon Tying Discs.

Connection: Attaches to the cylinder with the use of a wrench. Attaches to any cylinder with an inner thread. For Cylinders with outer thread you need to fix an adaptor as shown in the attached image. This adaptor is available with almost all helium gas distributors all over India

For Use With: Helium, Nitrogen

Features: These high performance inflators feature diaphragm operation for leak free, accurate and stable delivery pressures regardless of cylinder pressure. These inflators perform longer than piston inflators and provide a more efficient extraction of helium. Equipped with an internal safety relief device , easy to read  Gauge, tie hooks, ribbon cutters . Hose extension inflators allow users to inflate balloons up to 12 feet away from helium cylinders. Units offer fast, one–handed operation for inflation of latex and/or foil balloons.  Manually Inflates Latex Balloons. Includes an automatic shut–off for foil balloons.  Includes filters to protect against contaminant and dirt damage.

Warranty:  1 year warranty provided by the manufacturer is not valid in India

Note : The inflator shown in the image is hand tight model and its modified to fit Indian type cylinders using a wrench

Operating Instructions:

Firmly tighten inflator to the cylinder valve using a wrench. Slowly open the cylinder valve. Cylinder pressure locks inflator in place leak-free.

CAUTION: For your safety, please read and understand instructions contained in the 'operating instructions manual ' placed inside the carton thoroughly before operating this equipment. 

Inflating Latex Balloons: Place the balloon over black rubber valve and tilt the valve sideways to start filling. When balloon is filled to desired size, release valve and remove balloon. Tie balloon using balloon tying discs.

Inflating foil balloons: Foil Balloon Inflation 1. Slide the tapered foil filling outlet into neck of balloon and push down handlever completely while holding up the top of the foil balloon with other hand.  2. When the foil balloon has reached the proper size and pressure, the inflator will automatically shut off the flow of helium. This guarantees maximum balloon flying time and eliminates costly foil balloon breakage. The automatic inflator will work on all size and shape foil balloons.



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