Luminous Butterfly Foil Balloon

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Brand Qualatex Balloons, USA
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Luminous Butterfly Foil Balloon 1 Piece

This cute Luminous Butterfly supershape is perfect for 'Garden' & Jungle  theme parties! Capture our Luminous  Butterfly Foil. Fill  your room with fluttering butterfly decorations! This colorful balloon will be the center of attention at your next event. 

Quantity: One piece. Size: 44 inches.  Inflated size 35” x 19”. Lift ability 6.75 grams. Volume 1.16 cu ft. Floating time 3-5 days.  (Actual flying time vary depending on temperature, atmosphere conditions, Helium purity and additional weights like ribbon attached to the balloon). Brand : Qualatex balloons, USA. CE certified

What is a Foil Balloon?  Foil balloons (also called Mylar balloons)  are made of a thin , continuous film of metal over nylon. These balloons are less porous and remain inflated several times longer than latex balloons. Standard foil balloons are self- sealing - which means you don’t need to knot them. When filled with Helium, they float.  Foil balloons can also be air-filled and placed on a column or cluster of balloons 

Please note:  Foil balloons do not expand like latex balloons and hence they burst if you overfill it. Foil balloon comes FLAT and UNINFLATED. Foil balloons must never be released outside as they do not bio-degrade and also they may conduct electricity. Do not expose foil balloons to extreme heat or they can burst.

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